Datassential predicts the Food Trend of 2024 will be European 2.0

The abstract of the 2024 Trend Report reveals some ingredients and flavors that will be popular the next year in the U.S. An example: Cresto De Gallo will be the "it" pasta shape
Datassential predicts the Food Trend of 2024 will be European 2.0

Datassential, a leading global food and beverage intelligence platform, published its 10th annual list of food and flavor trend predictions for 2024. The platform predicts European cuisines will make a comeback next year. In fact, the report found that 85% of consumers love or like Italian cuisine, and 42% of consumers love or like French cuisine.

The forecast for the emergence of European food is based on what Datassential has observed, such as innovative spins on European cuisines on menus which will lead to popularity in the U.S. There are new Italian restaurants across the country that offer bolder, spicier, often TikTok-friendly dishes on the menu. French dining spots combine both light and indulgent dishes with a less stuffy vibe. European travel is a big factor. As consumers visit European countries, they return to seek similar cuisines they experienced while on vacation. Expect consumers wanting English potatoes, unique Italian kinds of pasta and cheeses, and high-end Spanish meats, according to the trend report.  


Here is the list of ingredients and flavors Datassential predicts will be popular to add to a menu or product line.

Flowers: floral flavors, from lavender to violet, continue to blossom

Mustard Seeds: a flavorful crunch and crust enhancer

Spicy Ranch: put it on everything

Caesar Everything: kale, asparagus — anything but romaine

Spam: the hip chef’s nostalgic secret ingredient

Shawarma: and just about any meat carved off a spit

Shaved Ice: look for new globally inspired options, flavors, and toppings

Cresto De Gallo: the “it” pasta shape of 2024

Mexican Beers: the growth leaders for the category

Sweetened Condensed Milk: from desserts to drinks, SCM is taking center stage


The annual trend report features insights on health, value, and indulgences. Plus, what consumers want to see more of from their dining experience:

  • 68% of consumers want to drink more water and exercise more in 2024, which is tied to consumers’ top health goals
  • 92% of consumers say that “food prices have been too high for too long”
  • 14% of consumers say they are interested in GLP-1 prescription drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy
  • 34% of consumers say they treat themselves to an indulgent food treat a few times a week
  • 17% of consumers say they are open to trying lab-grown meat

Next year, consumers would like to see some of these operational changes when they dine out: drop the credit card fee, put prices on the website, stop serving tiny portions, and end market pricing. The trend report also looked at the future of AI and how consumers are embracing the trend.

The full 2024 Trend Report will be released in January.

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