Polish retailer Biedronka opens its 3,500th outlet

The group, which is owned by Portugal's Jerónimo Martins, is ready for further expansion in Eastern Europe
Polish retailer Biedronka opens its 3,500th outlet

Polish retailer Biedronka has opened its 3,500th outlet, with the landmark store opening in Skórzewo near Poznań.

The group, which is owned by Portugal’s Jerónimo Martins, said that the store was developed in line with the chain’s sustainable development strategy, and has been equipped with electronic price labelling. According to ESM magazine, it is the first outlet in the group’s portfolio to feature this.

Among the features available to shoppers are a wide variety of meat and cheese, a bread slicer, and extensive zones for fresh produce, bakery, and personal care.

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We are proud that we can announce the opening of the 3,500th Biedronka store this year,” commented Paweł Stolecki, Operational Director and Member of the Management Board at Biedronka. “The concept for this store is based on the sustainable development strategy of our chain. We want to minimize our impact on the environment and increase our customers’ awareness of responsible choices for our planet.”

The store is situated at ul. Poznańska 1W in Skórzewo. It is the second Biedronka outlet to open in the town. Its total area measures 1,244 square metres, with 833 square metres dedicated to sales space. It features three traditional and seven self-service checkouts, as well as 70 parking spaces.


In October, Jerónimo Martins announced its anticipation of opening the first stores in Slovakia by the end of next year, as part of an expansion of its Biedronka chain, according to the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Ana Luisa Virginia.

While not dismissing the possibility of expansion into Romania, a market that the company has been considering for years, the CFO pointed out that it is not currently a top priority.

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