Mercadona opens 200th store in Madrid

The retail chain has invested €6.5 million for the construction of the new store, implementing various measures to reduce energy consumption and implement environmentally friendly systems

Spanish retail chain Mercadona has opened its 200th store in Madrid. The retailer has implemented its new efficient shop model in 176 stores in the Community of Madrid, according to ESM magazine.

Mercadona has invested €6.5 million for the construction of the new store, located on Príncipe de Vergara Street. The store employs around 53 people and has a sales area of 1,160.35 square meters, featuring a renovated design with new colors and materials, both on the facade and in the layout of the different sections inside the store.

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The store has large, open spaces, which facilitate the entry of natural light, and warm colors have been used in the delimitation of the different areas. It has specific shelves for fresh milk and refrigerated juices, a new delicatessen section with sliced and packaged ham, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, and a freshly squeezed orange juice service, among others.

The store also features a ‘ready-to-eat’ section, offering various dishes served in packaging made from natural materials, such as sugar cane, cardboard, or paper.


Mercadona has also implemented various measures to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to its conventional shop model. These include improved thermal and acoustic insulation, with the optimization of materials and the thickness of walls and ceilings, and new freezer cabinets that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the automated LED lighting system is regulated according to zones and times of day for much more efficient energy management.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 21:30 pm. Home delivery service and online shopping via the retailer’s website are also available.

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