Sperlari celebrates Christmas with all the indulgence of Paluani brand

The two historic Italian sweet-bakery brands present a brand new Pandoro generously laden with Zanzibar cream
Sperlari celebrates Christmas with all the indulgence of Paluani brand

For the inaugural occasion, the historic Italian confectionery company, Sperlari, shares the yuletide spotlight with another luminary brand in the pantheon of Made in Italy excellence: Paluani. This collaboration unfolds auspiciously during the “Nougat Festival” in the run-up to the forthcoming Christmas. In an official statement, the Sperlari company underscores, “Our confectionery opulence doesn’t fractionate; it amplifies. Together, it encapsulates the quintessence of the festive season, as a cornucopia of delectable novelties fortify the synergistic tapestry between these two distinguished brands.”

Carlotta Merusi, Paluani’s Senior Brand Manager, articulates, “The exuberant celebration of our inaugural Christmas together is epitomized by the Pandoro, generously laden with Zanzibar cream from Sperlari. This marks just the vanguard of a plethora of innovations promising moments of unabated gastronomic gratification.” According to Fabrizio Prosperi, Sperlari’s Senior Brand Manager, “The collaborative ethos permeates our product genesis, harmonizing the time-honored legacies of Paluani and Sperlari to furnish unparalleled and avant-garde gustatory escapades.”

The developmental orchestration of the product is “a symphony of collaboration amongst the Research & Development, Marketing, and Production cadres,” elucidates Marco Merli, Food Technologies manager at Sperlari. “Our pursuit transcends mere concoction; it intertwines premium constituents with regional terroir, birthing an avant-garde creation that resonates with the gastronomic ethos emblematic of our locales.”

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