Perfetti Van Melle brings Chewing Gum Day to Italy

A journey to discover the 150 years of chewing gum history
Perfetti Van Melle brings Chewing Gum Day to Italy

Since 2006, in the United States, September 30th has marked a day of celebration for chewing gum – an iconic candy deeply woven into the daily routines and social fabric of people worldwide. This year, Chewing Gum Day has made its inaugural debut in Italy, courtesy of Perfetti Van Melle, a distinguished Italian confectionery enterprise. The goal is to establish this celebration as an annual tradition.

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From the 1950s onward, the visionary Perfetti brothers, Ambrogio and Egidio, discerned the untapped potential of this already beloved American product. They initiated its production in Italy, gradually elevating it to a veritable must-have over the years. From the famed “Brooklyn Bridge gum,” which first imported the American myth to Italy, to the practical oral hygiene-supporting candies of today.

The chewing gum as we know it today was originally crafted by Thomas Adams, a proficient inventor hailing from New York, back in 1870. Subsequently, a Cleveland-based popcorn vendor named William G. White perfected the ideal formula in the late 1880s. This trend, initially introduced by American soldiers, gained traction across Europe during the two World Wars.


From the nineteenth century to the contemporary era, chewing gum has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving in terms of format, ingredients, and, most notably, its utility. Transitioning from the gum tablets popularized in the 1950s, emblematic of youthful rebellion and a status symbol for new generations, chewing gum has evolved while accommodating a range of additional needs. In the 1980s, the first sugar-free chewing gums emerged, culminating in today’s formulations featuring increasingly functional ingredients.

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