Coati launches “Fette Pro”, the first line of high-protein cured meat

The Veneto-based cured meat company presented its latest innovation at the Marca 2023 trade show: a brand new line designed for those who want to increase the protein intake in their diet. The line includes cooked ham, baked chicken, and turkey
Coati launches “Fette Pro”, the first line of high-protein cured meat

High in noble proteins, low in fat, and tasty. These are the characteristics of the new “Fette Pro” line presented at the Marca 2023 exhibition by Italian cured meat company Coati. It is a completely new line that conquered the Italian private label trade show thanks to its innovative content. In fact, Coati is the first company to make high-protein cured meats, particularly suitable for those who want to enrich their diet with high protein content.

The Fette Pro line is offered in a handy format that is ideal for taking to the gym or office and includes three references: cooked ham, chicken, and baked turkey. 120 grams of deli meats offer at least 20 grams of protein and a low fat intake, which make them the ideal product for those who want to be nutritionally conscious.


It is no coincidence that we have been witnessing a veritable boom in sales of protein products in the mass retail market for some time. From yogurts to bars to pasta, the consumer base for high-protein products is growing rapidly and continues to expand. “We are the first in Italy to enter this market segment with a new line of cured meats naturally rich in protein,” says Massimo Zaccari, Sales Director at Salumi Coati. “Coati’s Fette Pro is able to preserve these valuable properties to the fullest while limiting fat intake.”

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