F.lli Polli gets certification for its basil’s controlled supply chain

The Italian company specializing in pickles, appetizers, pesto, and cooking aids takes another step along the road to innovation and high-quality
F.lli Polli gets certification for its basil’s controlled supply chain

A year after the launch of its new Pesti line, F.lli Polli – a historic Italian food company that has been specializing in the production of pickles, appetizers, and cooking aids since 1872 – has achieved another important goal: the certification of its basil’s controlled supply chain. From the field to the warehouse.

Controlled supply chain certification requires that all players and processes that are part of the supply chain – farmers, logistics, processing plants, and semi-finished product freezer – voluntarily submit to the evaluation of an accredited and independent body, which verifies and tests the quality and level of practices adopted.

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Innovation and quality of raw materials,” Manuela Polli, Head of Corporate Strategy & Development, says, “are the strengths that distinguish the history and entrepreneurial successes of Fratelli Polli, of which I represent the sixth generation. This important certification is an additional guarantee for our customers. In fact, the food products they purchase are the result of a process that is managed and controlled from the origin and along the entire supply chain.

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