New web TV campaign supports Italian deli meats

SalumiamoTV, the web-TV launched in 2011 by the Italian deli meats promotion Institute (IVSI), has reached 2 million views

Last year, probably also thanks to the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, the popularity, and traffic of the social web and video channels characterized by the brand SalumiAmo opened and managed by the Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (IVSI, the Italian deli meats Promotion Institute) has grown considerably. The success with foreign web users is notable. This is especially true with regard to the SalumiAmoTV web-TV channel, opened in 2011 on YouTube to enrich the communication tools that are useful for spreading the culture of Italian deli meats worldwide. Ten years after the publication of the first videos on the platform, the IVSI channel has reached 2 million total views of the videos uploaded.

Discover the authentic Italian charcuterie on the platform

The channel now has over 230 videos organized into playlists and divided by type and content. There are many videos of recipes, made in collaboration with renowned Italian and international chefs. As well as the story in images of the events organized by IVSI around the world, including masterclasses, tasting seminars, promotional initiatives, and missions dedicated to cold cuts companies often carried out in the most interesting foreign markets.


The most successful playlist by now, which is still today the most viewed one, is the one made up of educational videos showing the processing of each cured meat, from the raw material to the finished product, completing each clip with some advice about how to cook them. The most viewed video of the channel is the one dedicated to Prosciutto Crudo, the masterpiece of Italian charcuterie. By far it is the most clicked with almost 310,000 views (11,000 of which in the last year). Next on the podium are bresaola, with more than 260,000 views (about 7,000 in 2021), and pancetta, (150,000, almost 3,000 in the last year).

The videos are present in eight different languages (in addition to Italian, users can find English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and Russian versions). To date, the channel has almost 4,300 subscribers and a total viewing time collected of almost 90,000 hours. Most foreign users connect from Germany, the United States, and Brazil.

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