Red preserves are Italy’s red gold

The sector’s export sales performed well in 2020, both in value and volume. E-commerce and regional specialties drive sales growth
Red preserves are Italy’s red gold

Exports of Italian red preserves are constantly growing. In 2020, sales reached 2.3 million tons for a total turnover of over 1.9 billion euros, soaring by +4.83% in volume and +12.16% in value compared to 2019.

Among the most appreciated Italian products, we can find specialties such as cherry tomatoes, but also PDO products such as the Pomodoro San Marzano dell’Agro sarnese-nocerino (San Marzano Tomato from Agro sarnese-nocerino). Foreign consumers are particularly attentive towards organic products, and Italian companies are taking advantage of this trend. In the last year, e-commerce has pushed the accelerator and is still experiencing a golden season, with further growth potential for the future.

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Last year, Italian red preserves were imported mainly from Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. These countries hold a volume share of 19.8%, 16%, 7.9%, respectively. Then come the United States (6.7%), the Netherlands (4.8%), Japan (4.7%), Australia (4.1%), Libya (3%), and Belgium (2.7%) (source: Ufficio Studi Anicav processing of Istat data).

In January-March 2021, sales in the top ten importing countries of Italian red preserves were everywhere on the rise, except for the United Kingdom (-2.5%) and the Netherlands (-14.6%).

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