Sammontana launches gelato with Cioccolato di Modica PGI

Italy’s largest gelato company introduces “Cornetto Cinque Stelle”, the flagship product for this Summer
Sammontana launches gelato with Cioccolato di Modica PGI

An absolute new entry in the frozen confectionery is to bring Cioccolato di Modica PGI to the world market. Sammontana ‘s Managing Director, Guido Calò, illustrates the path that led Italy’s largest gelato company to choose Cioccolato di Modica PGI as an ingredient for “Cornetto Cinque Stelle” cone. “Including products such as gelato cones with this renown kind of chocolate has allowed our company, whose competitors are multinationals from all over the world, to create a link with the territory for our products. Modica chocolate is the only PGI in Europe presented as a ‘case study’ to the Italian Ministry of agriculture during a recent event on the value of Italy’s PDO and PGI products” – Mr. Calò says.

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Giving the Sammontana cone the characteristic graininess of our chocolate – says the director of the protection Consortium, Nino Scivolettois a further step towards the worldwide fame of Cioccolato di Modica PGI. Just two years after the official European certification, our product is also at the top of the list of authorizations issued (92) by the Italian ministry in 2020.”

The PGI logo and the Cioccolato di Modica logo: the unique Italian certified chocolate
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