Covid does not hinder Italian fruit and vegetables’ exports

According to the data released by Fruitimprese, Italy’s commercial balance is once again positive. Citrus fruit and dried fruit are booming while tropical fruit and legumes are doing well

In the first half of 2020 the value of Italian fruit and vegetables exports exceeds 2.3 billion euros, growing by +7.6%, while volumes fell by -6% (to 1.6 million tonnes). The trade balance is once again positive: over 102 million.

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According to Fruitimprese data, the general trend is positive for all items when it comes to value. The citrus fruit trend stands out (+21.3%), with a real exploit during the lockdown. Dried fruit exports also performed well (+15.9%), just like tropical fruit’s (+8.6%), and legumes’ (+7.4%). Export volumes fell considering both fresh fruit (-10.6%) and dried fruit (-9.2%).


By contrast, imports grew both in volume (+2.6%) and in value (+6.5%). Imports (around 2 million tonnes, worth over 2.2 billion euros) once again exceeded exports (1.6 million tonnes). In terms of value, citrus fruit imports grew strongly (+65.6%), as well as fresh fruit’s (+10.4%). Citrus fruit (31.3%), dried fruit (7.4%) and tropical fruit (7.2%) grew also in volume.

Marco Salvi, president of Fruitimprese, underlines the “proven ability of Italian companies to be protagonists on international markets, despite the dramatic drop in production of the main seasonal products and the logistical difficulties in supplying foreign markets.”

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