The Chocolate Way, a new European network is born

The board of the European network of the historic chocolate districts has been constituted

The constitution of the executive bodies of the European association The Chocolate Way has been completed. After the appointment as President of Nino Scivoletto, director of the Cioccolato di Modica PGI protection Consortium, the three vice presidents have been elected too: Federico Moncunill, Secretario General en Consejo Regulador PGI, Jijona y Turrón de Alicante (Spain); Dominique Blanc Guillermou, representative of the Municipality of Le Castellet (France); Mirco della Vecchia, President of Cna Alimentare (Italy). Professor Grazia Dormiente was unanimously appointed as President of the Scientific Committee.

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On the occasion, it was also confirmed the interest in the registration of the ‘Tradizione Dolce Europa’ trademark, which will be used to identify the confectionery products of all European countries. To this end, it was decided to convene in Brussels in the coming autumn the General States of Sweets. Representatives of national, regional and territorial institutions of European confectionery production districts, as well as the confectionery and chocolate protection Consortia, will participate. The willingness to pursue the priority goal of the European Cultural Route certification has also been expressed.

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