Italy on the podium of EU’s Geographical Indications

Total sales of PDO, PGI products in the EU amount to €75 billion, €15.8 billion of which is accounted for by Italy (21%). Italy is the second country in terms of economic value after France
Italy on the podium of EU’s Geographical Indications

Sales of food and beverage products protected as Geographical Indications are worth 74.76 billion euros. More than a fifth of this amount comes from exports outside the European Union. This is the result of a study published today by the European Commission, which also shows that the sales value of products with a protected designation of origin (PDO, PGI, and TGS) is on average double that of similar products without certification. Italy comes in second place in terms of economic value (after France), with 15.8 billion euros contributing 21% of the total value.

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EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said: “European Geographical Indications reflect the richness and diversity of products that our agricultural sector has to offer. The benefits for producers are clear. They can sell at a higher price to consumers looking for genuine regional products. The GIs are a key element of our trade agreements. By protecting products around the world, we prevent the fraudulent use of names and preserve the good reputation of European food and drink products. The Geographical Indications protect local value worldwide.”

Geographical Indications


In 2017, sales of Geographical Indications and Traditional Guaranteed Specialties reached a total estimated value of 77.15 billion euros, equal to 7% of the total sales value of the European food and beverage sector (which in 2017 was estimated at 1,101 billion euros).

Geographical Indications-PDO-PGI

Wines accounted for more than half of this value (39.4 billion), agricultural and food products for 35% (27.34 billion) and spirits for 13% (10.35 billion). Of the 3,207 product names registered in 2017 (both GI and TSG), 49% were wines, 43% food products and 8% spirits.

Geographical Indications


The value of sales of GIs products was on average double that of similar products without certification. The value premium rate was 2.85 for wines, 2.52 for spirits and 1.5 for food.

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Geographical Indications represent 15.5% of total EU agri-food exports. Wines continue to be the most important products, both in terms of total sales value (51%) and extra-EU trade (50%). The USA, China and Singapore are the main destinations for EU GI products, accounting for half of the value of GIs exports.

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