Burgonza: meet the burrata and gorgonzola mash-up

It is called 'Burgonza' and it’s the new dairy product able to unite Italy: Apulian milk from Murgia together with the PDO blue cheese from Lombardy
Burgonza: meet the burrata and gorgonzola mash-up

It is called ‘Burgonza’ the new dairy product that manages to unite Italy. An Apulian burrata stuffed with Gorgonzola able to bring on the palate, at the same time, the milk of the Murgia area and the most renown Italian PDO blue cheese of Lombard origin (that nowadays is mainly produced in Piedmont, in the province of Novara).

Caseificio Viscanti in Altamura was the first to attempt this fusion: “The North and South of Italy reach an inimitable union – says the presentation sheet of the burgonza – thanks to the experimentation and the original idea of the Visconti brothers. The union of the traditional Apulian burrata and the Piedmontese Gorgonzola PDO guarantee an ecstatic taste for refined palates. The pasta filata casing contains frayed morsels, cream and Gorgonzola PDO”.

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It is not yet possible to find burgonza at the counter of all supermarkets. Besides Caseificio Viscanti, in Bari there is only one point of sale. But in the meantime the new cheese has also arrived in northern Italy. In Piedmont, some pizzerias also offer it as their flagship pizza.

The origins of burgonza date back to about ten years ago. At first it could only be obtained by reservation, but now that it has become a brand you can find it every day in Altamura. Its taste has already crossed regional borders, and soon it will be ready to land abroad.

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