Odd Pairings Enhancing the Italian Taste

Italian cuisine boosts new and surprising combinations of the typical Italian Food & Beverage flavours on the platform

Real protagonists of the cuisine and taste, typical Italian food products can also be tasted as pairings in combination with each other. Many leading companies of the Made in Italy Food & Beverage offer continuous innovations, which are also made of surprising combinations of optimally balanced flavors. They range from beer sorbet to Tajarin al Barolo, to the reinterpretation of a traditional dish such as Fiocco ham with melon.

Discover below the authentic and innovative flavours of Italian creativity present on the platform:

Truffle Peanuts salted – Tartufi Jimmy
Tajarin with Barolo wine – Pastificio Alfieri
INFUSE Balsamic vinegar of Modena with cranberry – Varvello
Beer Sorbet – G7
Fiocco ham with melon – Terre Ducali
Bamboo Breadsticks Grissini Bambita – Consorzio Bambù italia
Dark Chocolate 6% with Figs and Almonds – Vanini
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