Italian Pasta’s Whole Wheat Generation

Consumption has boomed in Italy in recent years and manufacturers are now looking to export this new trend in the most advanced foreign markets

Whole wheat pasta is produced using practically all of the components of durum wheat and this allows it to supply a greater amount of dietary fibers (which are beneficial to the intestine) and a lower concentration of carbohydrates. Moreover, its low glycemic index reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Indeed, it is the abundance of dietary fiber that is among the main reasons behind the consumption of whole wheat pasta. Not just in Italy but also in the most advanced foreign markets, ranging from Germany to Scandinavia, from the USA to Japan. It is not however exclusively a health issue. Whole wheat pasta’s taste that is more intense and long-lasting that that of traditional pasta, with a stronger and more distinctive taste experience. Its contribution to the increase in overall exports of Italy’s pasta is undeniable and confirmed by all those working in the sector.

whole wheat-pasta


In the first eight months of 2018, sales of pasta on foreign markets surpassed 334,000 tons, for a total turnover of 383 million euro with an increase of 10.8% in volume and 9.6% in value compared to the same period of last year. In 2017, Italy exported pasta to more than 180 countries. Flows were mainly directed towards EU markets (65.7%) rather than non-EU markets (34.3%). If compared to 10 years ago, the share of exports directed to non-EU markets has increased (in 2007, it was only 32%) thanks to the growing international notoriety and appreciation received by pasta. In the first half of 2018, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Japan confirmed their position as the most receptive countries, with an increase in exports ranging from 6% to 12%. The year’s best performances were recorded in Russia (+76%), Saudi Arabia (+27%) and Australia (+16%).

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Wishing the EU28, Germany accounted for 15.1% of Italian pasta exports, slightly ahead of both France (13.8%) and the United Kingdom (13.6%). The remaining 23.2% of Italian pasta exports is distributed among the other EU member countries. Whole wheat pasta’s affirmation is a growing global phenomenon and there are many companies that are keen on developing their business nationally and also abroad.

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