Conserve Italia Growing in Asia thanks to E-commerce

New partnerships for the Italian preserves company to promote Cirio in the United States. Agreement on legumes and cereals in Sweden
Conserve Italia Growing in Asia thanks to E-commerce

South East Asia is the new frontier for the exports of the Leading Italian preserves company Conserve Italia. In those markets its products are sold mainly through the e-commerce channel. But for the Consorzio Cooperativo Bolognese, represented in over 80 countries mainly by the Cirio and Valfrutta brands, the West is also showing very positive trends, starting with the United States. Without forgetting the consolidation in some historical European markets, starting with France, Great Britain and Scandinavian countries, where an important agreement for the supply of legumes and cereals has recently been closed.


Following an internal reorganization, the Foreign Division of Conserve Italia closed the 2017-18 financial year with record net sales of 183 million euro, up 4% on the previous year. In addition to the sales of the Italian parent company, which alone recorded a significant growth of 9.8%, the Foreign Division also includes all the commercial activities of the subsidiaries in France, United States, and Australia. “This is an important growth that rewards the strategic choice of having centralized sales under a single direction” – explains Diego Pariotti (in the picture above), Foreign Sales Director of Conserve Italia.


In European markets – explains Pariotti – the excellent sales results of our organic products stand out. This is true for both tomatoes and legumes”. In fact, in recent months, a commercial agreement has been signed with the Swedish Agricultural Cooperative Lantmännen. It is a leader in the production of cereals, to which Conserve Italia will supply a wide range of products based on legumes and cereals. Cirio brand confirms its leadership in several countries such as Great Britain – where it is permanently in first place among Italian tomato brands in large-scale distribution – as well as France – where turnover is up 10% on last year – and Eastern European countries. In the United States, the growth trend is positive (+55%), thanks to investments in the Cirio brand, which is now also available in the main retail brands in Florida, Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas.


South-East Asia is the new frontier for Conserve Italia exports plans. In just one year the turnover’s growth trend recorded a +45%, driven by the excellent performance of online sales, which account for 70% of total turnover. “The effort we are making in this area, from Thailand to Indonesia, passing through China, Korea and Taiwan – explains Pariottiis to train restaurateurs and players in the use of our products. We believe that education is the main way to increase consumption in countries with food habits so different from ours”. Conserve Italia has, for this purpose, hired Massimiliano Esposito, President of the Italian Chef Federation (FIC) in China, as brand ambassador to create cooking shows aimed at teaching how to use Italian products.

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