Cirio products conquering UK market

About 11% of British consumers choose them. Promotional activities are about to be launched by Conserve Italia in the British market, starting with a TV commercial in July followed by a press campaign in the coming autumn
Cirio products conquering UK market

Italian tomato brand Cirio is becoming increasingly popular with British consumers. In addition to being present in all the major players of modern distribution in the United Kingdom (including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose) with a market coverage of 65%, preserved and peeled Cirio are a must in various stores of proximity and traditional detail, especially in large cities. Overall, the diffusion of Cirio tomatoes among English consumers is 11% according to Kantar data: more than one out of ten Britons chooses Cirio products.

Promotional activities

To further strengthen the brand’s notoriety in this market, particularly among those who love good food and appreciate Italian cuisine, Conserve Italia (the cooperative consortium that owns the Cirio brand) has launched a new promotional activity in the UK in recent days. The advertising plan provides for a six-week planning of a television spot broadcast by the main British networks, with two successive plans in autumn and spring 2019.

An integrated 100% Italian supply chain

Moreover, from the coming October a press campaign is also planned to promote the integrated and 100% Italian supply chain of Cirio products. Starting with the cultivation of tomatoes by producers who are members of Conserve Italia, it passes through processing in the consortium’s plants ending with marketing activities. A path that Conserve Italia is able to control and guarantee from the field to the sales shelf, enhancing an excellence of Made in Italy food products.

Cirio’s appreciation in the UK

A survey made last February in the UK – explains Diego Pariotti, Foreign Sales Director at Conserve Italiashowed the high level of appreciation of the brand, considered as a premium and typically Italian product. Now we want to reach and conquer an even wider target of consumers, also targeting younger age groups.

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