Buongrano is the first palm oil free Barilla cookie

The new Mulino Bianco product could be a turning point for the multinational corporation from Parma, as outdoor advertisements already show
Buongrano is the first palm oil free Barilla cookie

Palm oil free Mulino Bianco cookies? It would be a shocking revolution for Barilla production.

BUONGRANO COOKIE IS A TURNING POINT – It’s not yet clear whether the multinational corporation from Parma has actually taken a new palm oil free way. However, the statement “palm oil free” is clearly visible on new “Buongrano” cookie advertisements standing out in Milan subway stations and on buses. A choice surely intended to test italian customers reaction, given that Mulino Bianco is the best-selling cookie brand in the large–scale retail trade.

BARILLA OFFICIAL STANCE – The company says this new product is a step towards the promotion of healthy nutrition. “Mulino Bianco – Pan di Stelle and Mulino Bianco Marketing VP Julia Schwoerer tells Foodhas always been an icon of goodness. Meaning good taste, and also attention to health and wellness. Our products try to combine excellent taste with proper nutrition. That’s why we carry on enhancing our products nutritional condition, reducing saturated fat and gradually replacing palm oil”.

AIDEPI LOKING FOR A COMMON STRATEGY – After Efsa advice announcement about the alleged danger of palm oil, Aidepi (Sweets and Pasta Italian Companies Association) – whose president is Paolo Barilla – decided to “make all efforts to defend customer’s health”.  After Colussi and Galbusera, maybe the time has come for Barilla’s final decision about palm oil.

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