Nutella Biscuits are coming to Italy

The new Ferrero biscuits filled with Nutella could be on the shelves of Italian stores from April. They will compete with products like Ringo (Pavesi) and Baiocchi (Mulino Bianco)
Nutella Biscuits are coming to Italy

For some months now Ferrero, the Italian confectionery giant based in Piedmont, has been testing Nutella Biscuits in some stores in Luxembourg and Germany – chosen as pilot areas. Apparently, the tests have given positive results; therefore there are good chances to see the new product soon – starting from next April – on the shelves of Italian supermarkets.

How are they made

As the name says, these are biscuits stuffed with Nutella. They are made of a base of shortcrust pastry, slightly dug to contain a conspicuous filling of Nutella, and a smaller circle in the upper part to act as a lid. The pack, a rigid tube of 230.4 grams with 7 biscuits and an easy opening and zip closure, makes Nutella Biscuits ideal for on-the-go consumption. According to market experts, the crunchy biscuits with a creamy heart of Nutella (as can be read on the packs) will be competitors of products such as Ringo (Pavesi brand) and Baiocchi (Mulino Bianco brand), owned by Barilla group. The same can be said of Mondelez International, a multinational company that owns the Oreo brand. Unlike the healthy trend of the Kinder brand, characterized by the ‘More milk and less cocoa’ claim with which the confectionery giant of Alba sells wafers and bars designed for children, Nutella is in all respects a ‘comfort’ snack; and Nutella Biscuits are no exception.

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