Roberto Luongo is the new General Manager of ICE

Since 1991, he has held various positions within the top management of the Italian Trade Agency

The Italian government has appointed Roberto Luongo (in the picture above) as the new General Manager of ICE – Italian Trade Agency for the promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies abroad. He had already held the same position from 2012 to 2016.


Roberto Luongo has already held various roles within the ICE Agency, including operational positions in support of Italian SMEs and the promotion of Made in Italy worldwide. Director since 1991, his training has been consolidated in international markets. He has led the Italian Trade Agency offices in Kuwait City, Prague, New York (with the role of network coordinator in the USA), and Istanbul. Since 2010 he has been Director of the Promotion of Internationalization Department of the Rome office. In July 2011, following the abolition of ICE, he first assumed the role of delegated manager for the ordinary administration and then he carried out activities in support of the new Agency until his appointment as General Manager in 2012. Since 2016 Luongo has headed the Foreign Investment Attraction Coordination Office and then the ICE Office in London.

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