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SFA’s Phil Kafarakis Special Guest at FICO’s Birthday

As FICO Eataly World in Bologna turned one, in conjunction with the launch of the Italian Cuisine Week in the world, interviewed the President of Specialty Food Association about the upcoming event featuring Italian food in the USA

FICO Eataly World’s first birthday – a week of events scheduled until Sunday 18 November – has started today in Bologna with the meeting on the Mediterranean Diet, in conjunction with the launch of the Italian Cuisine Week in the World. The event that joins Bologna, Rome, Beijing and New York. Among many others, the event was attended by Phil Kafarakis and Daniel W.Dowe, president and chairman of Specialty Food Association for Fancy Food New York (23-25 June 2019), and by the board of Italian Cuisine Week in the World. Without forgetting Vincenzo De Luca, general director for the promotion of the national territory, and live streaming from Beijing Ettore Francesco Sequi, Italian Ambassador in China. In this exclusive interview with Italianfood.netPhil Kafarakis defined FICO as “an incredible facility, the Disneyland of food. Above all, it’s a spectacular achievement, as it is incredible to see how you can connect farm to fork. As we understand it, we are here with consumers and tourists, but the innovations we can see here are very interesting for retailers as well”.

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