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Eurovo Focusing on Organic Eggs

At SIAL 2018, the Italian company specialized in eggs products presented two new lines for retail and foodservice

At SIAL 2018 trade show, the Italian company Eurovo presented two new lines of ready-to use products for retail and foodservice. Federico Lionello, Marketing & Sales Director of Eurovo, presented the new products in this interview with “We are launching a new complete line of products, in 250 grams bottles, made with barn and organic eggs. It is composed of egg yolk, all-egg, ready scrambled eggs mix which can be cooked in two minutes, and organic egg-white. It is made to meet Millennials consumers needs. Moreover, we are promoting a gluten free and palm oil free line which is called Nonna Anita. It is ideal for ready-to-do Italian – and international – desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta”.

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