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Grandi Riso Landing on the German Market

The products of the Italian company specialized in rice production, based in Codigoro (Ferrara), are now officially available in Kaufland, one of the main German supermarket chains, and Eataly Munich

Grandi Riso, Italy’s fourth largest rice producer, is set to conquer the German market. In fact, five products of the company from Codigoro (Ferrara) are already officially on sale on the shelves of Kaufland. It is one of the main supermarket chains in Germany and it represents the quality brand Swartz group, which also owns Lidl. A giant with almost 10,000 stores in 26 countries.


The products on sale are the brown rice Fellix, the Carnaroli and the Arborio PGI Delta del Po. A recent survey by Italian consumers’ association Altroconsumo has recognized the latter as the only pure Italian Arborio rice among those analyzed. But there are also five ready-made 200 gr. risottos: truffles, carrots and courgettes, porcini mushrooms, asparagus, and tomatoes, capers and olives.

Grandi Riso-Logo-High-Definition1EATALY MUNICH

Moreover, Grandi Riso products (Carnaroli PGI, Arborio, Baldo and Volano) will officially enter the Eataly headquarters in Munich. They will be available a few weeks after having found space in the Italian food halls founded by Oscar Farinetti (Milan Smeraldo, Rome and Turin Lingotto). In particular, today and tomorrow (the last Oktoberfest weekend) two days of promotion – including cooking shows and special events – are to take place inside Eataly Munich.

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