Italian Food: No Harm from UN’s War on Diseases

According to the final version of the UN’s and WHO’s Third Forum document, dissuasive communication on food and drink will not be used

Italian food is not to be ‘attacked’ by coming United Nation’s and World Health Organization’s new regulations. Two months ago concern had arisen about the international organizations’ program aimed at reducing the intake of saturated fats, salt, sugars, and alcohol in the diet by 2030. A ‘world war’ that should be waged by means of the addition of alarms, warnings or shock images on food products’ packaging to discourage consumption. Conversely, the final version of the UN’s Third Forum document on non-communicable diseases states that dissuasive communication on food and drink is not to be used. Italian farmers association Coldiretti provided the news expressing all its satisfaction.


The need for information on nutritional contents must be satisfied in the most complete and detailed way; but also with clarity. Starting from the need to use unequivocal signals to certify the most relevant information for consumers. All this avoiding signals such as traffic light labels, that could mislead the consumers’ choice”, said Coldiretti President Roberto Moncalvo. According to Coldiretti, a proper diet is based on the nutritional balance between different kind of foods. Each alarm on a single specific product could therefore be misleading. A significant danger for Italian food industry has nevertheless been averted.

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