Farmo bets on naturally gluten-free

Solare healthy pasta line includes red lentil, rice, corn & quinoa, and vegetable pasta with kale and cauliflower
Farmo bets on naturally gluten-free

All the products under the Farmo brand Solare are naturally gluten-free. They are products of plant origin, rich in protein, fibre, and minerals. The naturally gluten-free chickpea mezzemaniche pasta produced by Farmo, for example, are an excellent source of protein, fibre, and potassium. Versatile and nutritious, they have a pleasant texture and hold creamier sauces well. They are perfect for light recipes with vegetables, or in more tasty ones with sausage, bacon or other meats. The line also includes Red Lentil Pasta, Rice Pasta, Corn & Quinoa, and Vegetable Pasta with kale and cauliflower. They are perfect for those who want to eat and feel healthy: athletes, people following low-carb and high-protein regimens, vegetarians, vegans, and everyone who is looking for balanced and alternative nutrition.

The company

Since 2000, Farmo has developed, produced, and marketed innovative gluten-free products. Thanks to the R&D team, it offers ever-improving products regarding taste and nutrients. It has two plants in Casorezzo (Milan): FarmoOne, the first one built in 2010; FarmoNext, inaugurated in 2016 and entirely dedicated to the production of gluten-free pasta with cutting edge technologies. The production site is 10,000 square meters and employs 70 workers. Farmo is present in Italy, and it distributes its products mostly through pharmacies, large-scale distributors, and Ho.Re.Ca., as well as internationally, mainly in the United States and Canada. Thanks to the sustained efforts shown for the quality and safety of products and processes, the company has been awarded the following certifications: ISO, BRC, IFS, and Kosher. It’s also GFCO-certified, by the American institution that grants the label of ‘gluten-free certified’, and GFCP-certified in Canada. Finally, it’s certified for its organic and Fair Trade production.

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