Ole’ Supermarket: when luxury rhymes with Italy

Owned by the China Resources Vanguard giant, the chain imports more than 70% of its food products from abroad. Focus on the Italian specialities.

Despite accounting for just over 1% of the total net sales of China Resources Vanguard, a Chinese distribution giant, Ole’ Supermarket has been growing fast for a few years now. This was partly due to the large investments made by its parent company, and strategic agreements with many foreign brands, among which are those dedicated to baby food. Boasting over 50 stores in the luxury shopping centers of Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning, Xi’an, Shenyand, and Zhongshan, all located in high-income areas, this top-end chain achieved 85% of its sales thanks to imported food.

Italian specialties

Ole’ Supermarkets offer a wide range of specialties, including fresh products, with over 70% coming from foreign countries, including Italy, which provides mostly pasta, cheese, meat, and wine. Indeed, the chain’s target consumers are individuals with a high purchasing power. These are mostly foreigners, especially Europeans, Americans, and South Koreans, as well as a growing number of Chinese consumers who seek the culinary excellence of imported products and like to have a western lifestyle.

Clai and Zuarina

Among Italian producers, there’s Clai Group, one of the leading integrated Italian agri-food companies specialized in deli meats. The company’s distinctive strength lies in the use of 100% meat coming from pigs born, raised, and processed in Italy. One of its most successful brands in foreign markets, from the United States to China, Russia, and Japan, is Prosciutto di Parma Bio Zuarina, an organic ham appreciated for its sweetness and soft consistency.

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