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SFA’s Kafarakis: Italian food at forefront of retail transformation

Exclusive interview with the president of the Specialty Food Association realized at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2017

Genuine Italian products are well positioned to take advantage of the rapid and deep changes that are revolutionizing the food retail industry, the president of the Specialty Food Association, Phil Kafarakis, told Speaking on the opening day of the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, where presented the winners of the Italian Food Awards 2017 USA in collaboration with Universal Marketing and the SFA, Kafarakis said certified quality products from Italy are meeting consumer demand in America regardless of eventual protectionist measures by the US administration.

It’s the consumer that matters

I was in Parma and I heard about the story of the place, it’s an incredible story that consumers want, Kafarakis said. Consumers are changing, they want food in the foodservice, in the convenience stores, they want it online. There’s a transformation of the supply chain, he said. It’s the consumer that matters and what consumer demands. I don’t think there’s going to be too much disruption with protectionism or barriers, he said. The specialty food industry in America is growing double digit and generates around 127 billion dollars in revenues. Over 300 Italian companies participated in the Italian Pavilion of the Summer Fancy Food (June 25-27) organized by SFA’s exclusive Italian agent Universal Marketing.

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by Antonella Ciancio, New York

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