Casa Milo, the 2.0 gluten-free project is set to begin

The Apulian food group is about to release a new recipe for gluten-free, functional pasta, with a low-glycemic content and rich in fiber
Casa Milo, the 2.0 gluten-free project is set to begin

A new generation of gluten-free products is about to enter the Italian market. 2.0 gluten-free, fresh pasta is a new project presented by Milo Group whose stated goal is to chart a new course for one of the best performing food categories in the large-scale retail distribution.

In early 2016 , the company will launch (under the Casa Milo namebrand) a new range of fresh and gluten-free pasta that is also functional thanks to a low glycemic content, high fiber, and protein.

The new products are the fruits of a partnership between the Group’s Milo brand and Minaba Tech, a spin-off of the University of Foggia. The result of such research, as the company explains, “Allowed us to get to a manufacturing process that does not change the structure of starch; a step that makes traditional gluten-free products high in glycemic content. Furthermore, other valid products with good nutritional and organoleptic properties have been developed. It was possible thanks to an appropriate mix of both nutritional starch, and rich in fiber and vegetable protein raw materials.”

The new recipe, in other words, aims to overcome the disadvantages of gluten-free products that normally have high sugar content and nutritional values similar to those of traditional products.

“The retail side of the business,” added Luca Azzi, commercial director of Milo Group, “will be able to market a product that goes to fill a new gap of the market.” This new line will also be coupled with a communication campaign, through the press, which aims at enhancing the characteristics of this new concept.

“We do not intend to communicate a slogan,” says Azzi, “but content: the main innovation of this project is in the ingredients, and hence the low percentage of sugar and high presence of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which makes Milo’s fresh pasta ideal for everyone and not just for celiacs and gluten intolerance sufferers.”

Casa Milo

With this new launch, the company has added another important element in the innovation race for healthy and functional food.

“As a manufacturer of semolina pasta,” concludes Azzi, “we were forerunners of trends. This was achieved through segmentation of organic and vegan food, as well as ancient grains such as spelt, kamut, and quinoa.

And it is thanks to this expertise, developed over the years, that we are now present in the market with unique products that are designed to meet the needs of those consumers that are increasingly sensitive to good nutrition and well-being.”

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