Barilla marks 30th anniversary of sustainable pesto featuring 100% Italian basil

The Italian multinational commemorates a hallmark of Italian tradition with an expansive artistic mural, spanning over 800 square meters, adorning the primary façade of one of its facilities
Barilla marks 30th anniversary of sustainable pesto featuring 100% Italian basil

Barilla Group commemorates three decades of producing its own-brand pesto, launched in 1994. Nestled in the basil fields of Rubbiano, within the Solignano municipality of Parma province, stands Europe’s largest and most sustainable facility dedicated to sauce and pesto production. This plant processes over 55,000 tons of tomatoes and basil annually, yielding 84,000 tons of products.

To celebrate this emblematic Italian product, the Parma-based multinational has unveiled an expansive artistic mural, covering more than 800 square meters. This vibrant painting decorates the façade of the Rubbiano Sughi facility, aiming to enliven both palate and imagination. Located in the heart of Food Valley, this facility brings to life 42 distinct recipes, crafted from 131 selected ingredients, combining the tradition of Italian tomatoes and basil with local agricultural expertise and cutting-edge processing technologies.

Established in 2012, the Rubbiano Sughi facility has benefited from over €150 million in investments over the past decade. These funds have facilitated new production lines, product innovations, and initiatives to enhance quality, sustainability, and digitalization. The facility now employs over 400 individuals, with women comprising 51% of the workforce.

Rubbiano Sughi is also an innovation leader. In 2024, it will launch its fifth production line, a 138-meter setup capable of producing up to 18,000 tons of sauces annually, following a €28 million investment. High standards in quality, 4.0 technology, food safety, sustainability, a strong international focus, and personnel development are the driving forces behind Rubbiano Sughi’s future growth.


The pesto market is experiencing robust growth, with Barilla at the forefront. In the first half of 2023, the sector grew by 20% in value and 6% in volume compared to 2022. Within this expanding market, Barilla maintains its position as the global leader in pesto, holding a 37.8% share by value. The company continues to strengthen its presence in key markets: Italy, Germany, and France. In France, Barilla not only leads the category but also fuels market growth, achieving a 25% increase in sales value and a 0.8% market share rise in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. The German market also saw a turnaround, with a 31% increase in sales value and a 1.7% market share rise by value in June 2023, following an initial decline earlier in the year.

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