Mutti’s Ragù wins European Innovation for Sustainability Award

Introduced in 2023 after two years of research, “Ragù alla Mutti” is crafted using 100% Italian tomatoes and entirely plant-based ingredients

Ragù alla Mutti (Mutti’s ragù) has been awarded the “European Innovation for Sustainability” prize, recognizing the most sustainable product or service by the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS).

Introduced in 2023 following two years of research, Mutti’s ragù is made with 100% Italian tomatoes and entirely plant-based ingredients. This product exemplifies the philosophy of Mutti, a European leader in tomato-based preserves, which has eschewed meat and fish in its offerings. Utilizing an innovative blend of yellow peas, it is also soy-free, broadening its appeal.

The launch of Mutti’s ragù reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation. Based in Parma, Mutti has long focused on product and process advancements to meet customer demands with a keen eye on sustainability. Mutti’s ragù epitomizes this dedication, catering to the rising trend of reduced meat consumption and the demand for high-quality, ready-to-use solutions.

This award underscores that sustainability-driven innovation is both distinctive and highly valued today,” says Laura Marchelli, Mutti’s Sustainability Manager.

The accolade was presented at the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability Summit in Rome, organized by EIIS in collaboration with the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and supported by the European Parliament.

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