Scoiattolo fresh pasta expands into the Far East and Oceania

The products of the Italian ravioli manufacturer, based in Varese, Lombardy, are hitting the shelves in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand
Scoiattolo fresh pasta expands into the Far East and Oceania

Scoiattolo, an Italian fresh pasta company based in Varese (Lombardy) specializing in ravioli, has launched its products in the markets of the Far East and Oceania. Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand are now home to the ravioli specialist’s offerings.

Scoiattolo introduces a variety of products to these new markets, showcasing the authenticity and quality of Italian flavors. The lineup includes “Fettuccine,” a classic beloved by international palates, made with semolina and Italian eggs; “Perline al Parmigiano Reggiano PDO,” the company’s flagship product; and more gourmet and innovative options like “Ravioli with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions” and “Organic Vegan Vegetable Ravioli.”

A new Parmigiano and Truffle variant will soon join this extensive selection,” says Matteo Di Caro, export and business development director. “In the first months of 2024, we are witnessing strong performance for our exports, reflecting growing consumer demand and confirming the effectiveness of our strategies. We are proud to announce our expansion into the Japanese, Taiwanese, Australian, and New Zealand markets, a feat achieved thanks to the company’s considerable international experience.”

Scoiattolo is dedicated to meeting local tastes adapting its recipes while maintaining Italian authenticity. “In international markets, we offer a range of typically Italian products but with recipes that cater to local preferences,” Di Caro explains. “Before launching a product, we test it and analyze the target market to understand its potential.”

Scoiattolo aims to expand soon into other countries, including China and South Korea. With an estimated sales growth of 35% for 2024 compared to the previous year, the stuffed pasta specialist reaffirms its global ambitions.

In 2020, Scoiattolo entered the USA and Canada, initiating an internationalization process that continues to strengthen. As the company’s slogan states, “Scoiattolo Fresh Pasta, born in Varese, is good everywhere.”

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