Grana Padano PDO growth fueled by exports

In 2024, foreign sales volumes are poised to outstrip those in the domestic market, a trend already mirrored in consumer turnover
Grana Padano PDO growth fueled by exports

In 2023, groundwork was laid for Grana Padano PDO’s export volumes to outstrip domestic sales this year. Already, foreign consumer turnover has surpassed its Italian counterpart, reaching nearly €1.95 billion compared to Italy’s €1.65 billion.

Renato Zaghini, President of the Grana Padano PDO Protection Consortium, underscored this during the latest Consortium assembly. “In 2023, global consumers spent almost €3.7 billion, a staggering figure, marking a 16% increase from 2022,” highlighted Zaghini. “To sustain this trajectory, we recognize export as our key growth avenue. Yet, we mustn’t overlook Italy, which still consumes over 2.5 million wheels per year. Additionally, we must align with consumer trends: process sustainability, animal welfare, and product healthiness.”


According to Istat data on Italian cheese exports, in 2023, exports totaled 2,482,891 wheels, up by 6.55% from 2022. “This means that last year, 48.4% of production was directed towards foreign markets,” commented Consortium Director General Stefano Berni. “Considering a retail price increase of Grana Padano outpacing inflation trends, global spending rose by almost 15%.”

Europe, with 2,060,484 wheels, absorbed 83% of Grana Padano PDO exports, a 6.9% increase from 2022. Germany, witnessing a 5.53% growth, solidifies its position as the primary destination market, totaling 599,448 wheels.

Following the expansion recorded in 2022, non-EU markets maintained a growth rate of 5.14%, reaching a total volume of 607,530 wheels. “This is also due to the strong performance of the U.S. market, traditionally one of the main outlets for our cheese,” noted Berni, “which, despite the weakness in the Canadian market, contributed significantly to the positive outcome for non-EU exports.”

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