Eataly’s vision in North America

A one-on-one interview with Tommaso Brusò, the first-ever Ceo of Eataly North America
Eataly’s vision in North America

Eataly North America’s new Ceo, Tommaso Brusò, began leading the retail and restaurant chain in October 2023. The company is looking to open 20 stores in the region over the next five years. Eataly was founded in 2003 by Oscar Farinetti and today has a turnover of approximately €700 million. It operates 47 stores in 16 countries, showcasing the best of Italian food retail products and restaurants. Before joining Eataly, Brusò, was the Group Ceo of Colourful Standard (part of RTG Group), the sustainable essentials clothing brand. asked Brusò about his vision for Eataly in North America and much more.

Tommaso Brusò
New Ceo Eataly North America

It is my goal to ensure we are always keeping the Eataly Dna top of mind, which includes elevating Italian excellence in everything from food to culture and beyond

From fashion to food. As the new Ceo, how are you leading to elevate Italian excellence in food?

I have found that fashion and food aren’t too different of industries, as they both are about people at their core – so my transition has been seamless from one to the other. Stepping into the role of Ceo for Eataly North America, it is my goal to ensure we are always keeping the Eataly Dna top of mind, which includes elevating Italian excellence in everything from food to culture and beyond. Eataly embodies the Italian way of living, with an emphasis on quality and authenticity.

For years, there has been talk of an Eataly opening in DC. When will that happen?

Eataly will be opening 20 stores in key cities across North America within the next five years. While we are considering DC as one of the options, we cannot confirm any official plans.

Eataly partners with iconic Italian products. Why are these relationships important? Are there any plans to partner with new products?

Just as our relationship with our customers is crucial, our relationship with our producers is also very important. In order to provide the best and highest quality products to our stores, we must continue to develop and foster these relationships. That said, while working with our suppliers is key to the business, we are thrilled about our own line of Eataly branded products, which launched in the winter of 2023 with a collection of panettoni. We are planning to launch additional products for the Eataly brand in the near future, from coffee to pasta.

Eataly is an experience that offers retail and restaurants to customers. What are the most requested dishes and popular products sold?

While we offer thousands of products across retail and our restaurants, I would say that the top products are our iconic Italian offerings such as spaghetti, Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma Pdo certified. As for our most popular dishes, this includes pizza margherita, spaghetti al pomodoro, and cacio e pepe. In May, Eataly launched ‘Icons of Eataly,’ a six-month program to highlight pasta dishes from across the country.

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