Parmacotto ramps up operations in Switzerland

The Italian cold cuts multinational expands presence with debut monobrand store in Lugano - featuring gourmet sandwiches from Parmacotto Selection line
Parmacotto ramps up operations in Switzerland

For the past twelve months, Parmacotto Suisse has strategically operated on the Swiss turf, capitalizing on the expertise of its Italian multinational parent company, Parmacotto Group, renowned for its prowess in the production of premium cooked ham. The company is set to introduce locally sourced hams to the Swiss market, also with the imminent opening of a flagship store in Lugano dedicated to gourmet sandwiches crafted from Parmacotto Selection line products.

In a recent interview with Corriere del Ticino daily, Parmacotto Group CEO, Andrea Schivazappa, articulated the company’s belief in the Swiss market’s receptiveness to the quality of their offerings. “Our foray in 2022 encompassed a comprehensive project spanning both retail and foodservice. By the Easter of 2024, we envisage the inauguration of our inaugural store in Lugano—a strategic move to deliver top-tier sandwiches adorned with products from our esteemed Parmacotto Selection line.”

The CEO of Parmacotto Group, Andrea Schivazappa


Steering its internationalization strategy with a laser focus on the significance of prime raw materials, Parmacotto has committed to presenting the Swiss clientele with a product derived “from meticulously selected meat.” Schivazappa elucidated, “To attain this standard, an exhaustive evaluation process was initiated to guarantee the presentation of a premium ham. The convergence of locally sourced raw materials, adhering to animal welfare standards, with our proprietary cooking and processing techniques is the crux of our commitment.”

Operating under the Parmacotto Suisse banner, the company procures raw materials which are subsequently processed in Italian facilities before being reintroduced and distributed within Switzerland. Presently, the product range is confined to cooked items, but there is also a strategic initiative to introduce aged cured meats to the discerning Swiss market. Schivazappa asserted, “We hold a genuine conviction in the superior quality of Swiss meat, enabling us to showcase exceptional products within the Swiss landscape.”

Reflecting on Parmacotto’s tenure in Switzerland, Schivazappa expressed overwhelming positivity, emphasizing more than just financial metrics. “Our satisfaction transcends mere turnover figures; it’s rooted in the success of a tangible project poised to foster growth in a market that has proven to be both swift and discerning in its preference for quality.”

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