Parmacotto: new products in the spotlight

At Cibus 2018 Parmacotto presents its new ranges, in the name of quality and animal welfare: starting with the Gran Cru and the antibiotics free line
Parmacotto: new products in the spotlight

Among the new products that Parmacotto – one of the top Italian players in the production and marketing of ready-to-eat cured meats and cold cuts – will show at Cibus 2018 there are the Gran Cru and the Linea Zero Antibiotici (antibiotics free line). The former is a premium homemade and handmade ham, characterized by an out-of-mold cooking and a handmade binding. The focus of the antibiotics free line is on animal welfare: the meat comes from farms that do not use antibiotics on pigs. Zero Antibiotici is made of of three free serving references in 100g trays: Prosciutto Cotto Alta Qualità Zero Antibiotici (Zero Antibiotic High Quality Cooked Ham); Prosciutto Crudo Stagionato Zero Antibiotici (Zero Antibiotic Seasoned Raw Ham) and Petto di Pollo Nazionale Zero Antibiotici (Zero Antibiotic National Chicken Breast).

Fettesnelle and Parmacotto sensory tests

Parmacotto’s new lines for large-scale distribution do not end here: Fettesnelle is the line of cold cuts with a reduced sodium content, ideal for those who follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is available in three references, always in the 100g format: Prosciutto cotto di Alta Qualità (High Quality Cooked Ham – 0.6% sodium), Petto di Tacchino (Turkey Breast – 0.52% sodium) and Bresaola (1.08% sodium). During Cibus 2018, the 19th International Food Exhibition in Parma (7-10 May), at its stand of over 140 square meters (Hall 3, A004) Parmacotto is to organize an exclusive guided tour of ‘sensory triathlon’, which includes a series of activities based on perceptual analysis techniques. The activity is carried out in partnership with the CSA – Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Tasters Study Centre) from Brescia.

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