Deco Industrie’s revenue nears €230 million

Following the devastating flood at the Bagnacavallo facility last May, the Italian bakery cooperative concluded 2023 with a 17.5% surge in business turnover compared to 2022
Deco Industrie’s revenue nears €230 million

Deco Industrie, an Italian company specializing in bakery products, reported a robust financial performance for 2023, registering a 17.5% surge in revenue to reach 228 million euros, compared to the preceding year. The gross operating margin stood at 28 million euros, with a net managerial result surpassing the 18 million mark.

Reflecting on the challenges faced throughout the year, Stanislao Fabbrino, Director of Deco Industrie, noted, “In 2023, amidst the aftermath of escalating raw material costs in 2022, our resilience was tested by not one but two floods. Through collaborative efforts, we swiftly restored operations at our facility, mitigating potential setbacks. Production costs saw a reduction in 2023, coinciding with the long-awaited adjustment of list prices. This strategic move underpinned substantial growth, albeit one we acknowledge may not be replicated to the same magnitude in the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, it instills optimism as we look ahead.”

Looking forward, Deco Industrie has unveiled its 2024 industrial plan, crafted in partnership with Ernst & Young. The blueprint outlines a commitment to enhancing product quality and reinforcing customer perceptions of reliability. The budget for 2024 sets ambitious targets, aiming for a turnover of 220 million euros, accompanied by a gross margin of 16 million and a net result of 7.5 million.

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