Alegra brings the flavors of Italy to Fruit Logistica

At the Berlin trade show spotlighting fruits and vegetables, the Italian company will showcase a range of sustainable products, with a highlight on their 100% Made in Italy green kiwi
Alegra brings the flavors of Italy to Fruit Logistica

The Alegra Group, a prominent player in the Italian and European fruit and vegetable sector, is set to make a significant appearance at the Fruit Logistica 2024 trade show at the Messe Berlin exhibition center from February 8 to 9. The three entities under the Alegra umbrella – namely Alegra, Brio, and Valfrutta Fresco – will welcome visitors in Hall 2.2, Stand A10, positioned within the collective showcase “Italy, the Beauty of Quality,” meticulously organized by CSO Italy.

Mauro Laghi, the General Manager of Alegra, underscores the strategic importance of Fruit Logistica, describing it as a pivotal juncture. “Fruit Logistica draws a diverse and global audience of industry professionals, and for us, it marks a critical moment,” notes Laghi. “With 50% of our business volume tied to exports, this platform provides a valuable opportunity to convey the day-to-day dedication of our partners toward environmental sustainability and crop protection. It serves as a stage to spotlight the innovation defining the operational landscape within our member cooperatives, the challenges posed by renewable energies, and investments in active defenses to mitigate the impacts of climate change. A virtuous, sustainable supply chain – meticulously monitored – enables us to deliver a product adhering to the highest quality and sensory standards. Hence, our exhibition space will cater to a diverse cadre of professionals, including our agronomists and technicians. Those opting for fruits or vegetables from Alegra Group can delve into the reasons behind its appeal, both for the consumer and the planet.”



Alegra’s portfolio spans across market segments, with Alegra focusing on private label products for the mass market, Brio specializing in the organic sector, and Valfrutta Fresco presenting premium offerings characterized by innovation.

A standout feature at Fruit Logistica 2024 will undoubtedly be Dulcis, the inaugural 100% premium green kiwi produced by New Plant and marketed through collaborative efforts by Alegra, Apofruit, and Orogel Fresco. Rita Biserni, the group’s Foreign Marketing Manager, says, “Following the triumphs of the 2023 campaign, the Berlin event presents an opportune moment to shape supply programs for 2024, capitalizing on a product that continues to captivate consumers with its sweetness and quality.”

The exhibition will also serve as a platform to showcase the seasonal offerings from all three entities within the group – be it the hallmark products such as apples, pears, and Alegra-branded kiwis, or the organic selections by Brio with a specific focus on spring and summer references. Valfrutta Fresco, the brand synonymous with premium fruits and vegetables, will explore avenues for future growth in the northern European market.

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