Italian confectioneries set an unparalleled record in exports

In 2023, sales surged to around 9.2 billion euros, propelled by a robust 9% uptick from the preceding year
Italian confectioneries set an unparalleled record in exports

In 2023, an unprecedented wave of Italian confectioneries inundated tables across the globe. Exports shattered records, reaching 9.2 billion euros—a surge of +9% in value compared to the previous year, as highlighted in Italy’s farmers association Coldiretti’s projection based on Istat data. This revelation unfolded amidst the ongoing Sigep trade show, the International Exhibition spotlighting gelato, pastry, bakery, coffee, and chocolate, in Rimini.

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Notwithstanding escalating energy and raw material costs, Italian confectioneries continue to conquer international markets, thanks to the unwavering commitment to quality in Italian production, asserts Coldiretti. The top destination market is France, witnessing a 9% spike in Italian sweet acquisitions over the past year. Germany closely follows with a robust +12%, while the United States claims the third spot, experiencing a marginal decline (-2%). Impressively, Italian gelato and sweets are also making significant headway with consumers in the UK (+9%) and China (+6%), affirming a universally resonant appeal.

This success reverberates across the entire food supply chain. Focusing solely on the approximately 39,000 outlets retailing artisanal gelato estimates project a consumption of 220,000 tons of milk, 64,000 tons of sugar, 21,000 tons of fresh fruit, and 29,000 tons of diverse raw materials.

Undoubtedly, this resounding success significantly contributed to the Italian agri-food export sector’s historic pinnacle. In 2023, the industry achieved an unparalleled milestone, boasting a staggering 64 billion euros—a +6% increase from the preceding year.

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