Barilla and Rana take Italian cuisine to new heights in space

In celebration of Italian Space Days: Rana Group to provide meals for Ax-3 Mission Crew, Barilla Fusilli takes a cosmic journey
Barilla and Rana take Italian cuisine to new heights in space

Two iconic Italian food brands are ready to join astronauts on their next space voyage. “We are poised to elevate Italian gastronomy into the cosmos, as it encapsulates the rich tapestry of the past, tradition, and unwavering quality.” This assertion stems from the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, unveiling the ‘Italian Space Food Project.’

This groundbreaking endeavor features the collaboration of two stalwarts in the Italian food sector, Barilla, and Rana, intricately woven into the fabric of activities for the AX-3 space mission. The crew’s dietary regimen will exclusively showcase Italian fare, “underlining the profound connection between embarking on a health-conscious journey and indulging in the epitome of culinary excellence found in Italian cuisine,” the Minister said.

Barilla, a key participant, is set to dispatch approximately three kilograms of specially treated fusilli aboard the capsule, departing from Cape Canaveral on its orbital trajectory. This pasta variant, distinguishable from commonplace supermarket offerings, undergoes a sophisticated technological treatment. After an initial cooking and seasoning phase with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, it undergoes thermal processing within its packaging – a meticulous procedure spanning over six months to ensure both product safety and garner approval from NASA.

In this context, Pastificio Rana has been selected to curate the culinary experience for the Ax-3 space mission’s crew during its withdrawal phase – a strategic preparation period preceding launch. Through a symbiotic partnership with Rana, astronauts undertaking the mission will have the privilege of indulging in the finest nuances of Italian gastronomy. The recipes, seamlessly weaving together tradition and innovation, promise to elevate the culinary aspect of the crucial pre-launch phase.

Simultaneously, at the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C., the second edition of “Italian Space Days” has been inaugurated – an initiative curated to celebrate Italy’s pivotal contributions to the space industry. In collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, the Italian Space Agency, and other institutional and commercial partners, this event serves as a testament to Italy’s ongoing prowess in advancing the frontiers of space exploration.

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