Fiorucci launches corporate restructuring and relaunch plan

The new ownership sets a transformative investment of 30 million euros to foster a reorganization within the cured meats company's facilities in Pomezia (Rome) and Parma
Fiorucci launches corporate restructuring and relaunch plan

After the recent acquisition by Navigator Group and White Park Capital, securing full ownership of Cesare Fiorucci Spa, the Italian cured meats enterprise is embarking on a long-term revitalization initiative. The primary objective, as stated in an official company release, is to “reposition the Italian brand within the cured meats sector to a profitability level befitting its inherent potential.”

The inaugural phase of this strategic trajectory involves a substantial reorganization of the group’s corporate framework, followed by a comprehensive overhaul of operational processes and a technological modernization of production facilities.

Fiorucci CEO, Claudio Rustioni, underscores the imperative of these initiatives: “Our singular aim today is to ensure the enduring legacy of our group, the retention of our facilities within Italy, and the sustained economic contribution to our local communities. It is imperative for the company to reclaim productivity in response to an increasingly competitive market.”


Management’s blueprint, endorsed by the new investor consortium, delineates a series of tangible actions geared towards propelling Fiorucci’s presence in both the domestic and international arenas, with a specific emphasis on pivotal markets such as Germany, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom. The overarching target is a 20% surge in revenue and, notably, a return to profitability aligning with sectoral benchmarks.

Benefitting from newfound financial backing, the company currently maintains a debt-free status and boasts ample liquidity to ensure seamless operations and financial commitments. The earmarked €30 million investment underpins strategic priorities, including “automation and modernization of facilities, the strategic acquisition of distributors and retail chains in Northern Italy and abroad, and a steadfast commitment to workplace safety and hygiene, safeguarding the well-being of our workforce and end consumers,” emphasized the CEO.

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