Lidl to enter four Balkan markets

The German discounter is set to open new supermarkets in Bosnia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Kosovo, following successful operations in Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia
Lidl to enter four Balkan markets

According to reports by Esm magazine, the German discounter Lidl is in the process of entering the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo, following the roll-out of successful operations in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lidl has commenced construction of a large distribution centre in Lepenica, near Sarajevo – a key step before starting operations in that market. The 60,000-square-metre centre is located near a highway linking the cities of Sarajevo and Mostar.

Over the past two years, the supermarket chain has been hiring workers and searching for locations throughout the country. The plan is to open stores in cities and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 30,000 inhabitants, with the first locations already secured in cities like Sarajevo and Bijeljina.


Although Lidl’s original plan was to commence operations in Montenegro by the end of 2023, this is now unlikely to happen, due to difficulties in finding the right store locations.

According to local media reports, the discounter has so far managed to secure three locations in the country: one in Nikšić, and two in Podgorica.


Lidl registered a local subsidiary in North Macedonia two years ago and has since been scouring the country for potential store locations.

The German discounter recently announced that it is commencing the construction of its first store in Bitola, on one of two purchased plots, while another agreement was recently signed for the purchase of the “Mr. Bricolage” centre – set to be Lidl’s first store in North Macedonia – from Skopski Pazar.

The discounter recently paid €5.3 million for a 17-hectare plot of land in Gornji Konjar, near Kumanovo, where it plans to build a logistics centre. A tentative date of 2026 has been unofficially mentioned for the opening of the first stores in North Macedonia.


In Kosovo, meanwhile, Lidl has commenced hiring staff members for its future stores, according to a post on the LinkedIn profile of the Kosovo-based unit of HR services provider the HeadHunter Group.

Among the roles being advertised are those of property portfolio specialist, administrative assistant, civil engineer, property specialist, and HR administration specialist. Last year, the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, confirmed that Lidl plans to open stores in Kosovo.

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