Berruto launches its Pots Of Italy

The Italian company that pioneered Pasta Cup introduces another innovation in celebration of pasta culture
Berruto launches its Pots Of Italy

Pasta Berruto, the Italian company that invented the pasta cup, has unveiled its latest innovation, ‘Pots Of Italy,’ a product line that aims to marry the rich tapestry of Italian culinary tradition with cutting-edge innovation. This collection comprises 10 distinct recipes, curated into 4 Classic, 4 Vegan, and 2 Premium options, designed to cater to a diverse range of palates. What sets the Berruto Pots of Italy apart is their unique preparation method. The pasta in these pots undergoes a state-of-the-art steam pre-cooking process, an innovation that remains entirely in harmony with the essence of natural ingredients. The sauces, on the other hand, are crafted through a careful selection of purely dehydrated components.

Kettle preparation

Central to the appeal of Berruto Pots of Italy is the element of convenience. They are thoughtfully packaged in single-serving portions, enclosed in environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable paper packaging.

Microwave preparation

So, what makes Pots of Italy truly exceptional?

  • Authentic Italian Recipes: Each ‘Pots of Italy’ creation faithfully adheres to authentic Italian recipes, ensuring an unequivocally genuine culinary experience.
  • Ease of Preparation: Regardless of their busy schedule, customers can relish the authentic flavors of Italy in a matter of minutes.
  • Premium Ingredients: Only the finest-quality ingredients are employed, guaranteeing an exceptional taste profile.
  • An Array of Flavors: A diverse spectrum of Italian flavors, spanning from timeless tomato-based classics to regional gourmet delights.
Pasta Cup-Truffle-Berruto pots of Italy

Currently available in the range are:

  • Tagliatelle al Tartufo
  • Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe
  • Fusilli Curry e Verdure
  • Ditalini Zuppa ai Legumi
  • Ditalini Zuppa Porri e Patate
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