Tomato: a new entry among Puglia’s Pdos

Pomodoro di Puglia Pdo has become one of the 60 agri-food products from Puglia region in the Pdo and Pgi basket
Tomato: a new entry among Puglia’s Pdos

In recent months, the Pomodoro di Puglia Pdo specification was officially presented: the goal is the relaunch of the Foggia economy. The region accounts for almost all tomato production within the southern Italian supply chain with 15,527,500 quintals of processing tomatoes on an area of 17,170 hectares produced. The province of Foggia represents the largest national production area, with an average annual area of 15,000 hectares and a production of processing tomatoes of about 1.4 million tons.


There are 60 agrifood products from Apulia region in the Pdo and Pgi basket: 38 wines and 22 foods. The sector as a whole generates an economic impact of 804 million euros in 2021 (+34.1% compared to 2020), and this figure places Puglia ninth overall among Italian regions in terms of value of Pdo and Pgi supply chains.

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