Zucchi plans acquisitions and partnerships to grow abroad

The Italian extra virgin olive oil company is focusing on the French, German, and the U.S. markets
Zucchi plans acquisitions and partnerships to grow abroad

Oleificio Zucchi has recently strengthened its corporate governance with the entry of three new top managers, who will be tasked with impressing a strong acceleration in the growth of the Italian group specializing in olive oil production. “To improve the ability to anticipate the needs of a difficult market, we want to strengthen our presence in the large-scale retail trade and Horeca sectors,” says CEO Giovanni Zucchi. The company comes from five years of continuous revenue growth, exceeding +30 percent, and with a 2021 budget that closed at 265 million euros.


The goal is to strengthen and develop our presence and positioning in three business areas,” says Zucchi. First in our own brands, for which we already produce several private label lines for olive and seed oil varieties. Then we intend to give strong support to the Zucchi brand. Finally, we want to develop the sales of extra virgin oil as an ingredient for the food processing industry.

The Italian company aims to achieve a 5 percent share in the Italian total retail olive oil sales, which would mean multiplying current Zucchi’s sales volumes by ten to fifteen times.


The hope is that we can make acquisitions, but we are also thinking about the possibility of product diversification. Within the private label market we have selected a limited number of companies that have the skills and energy to make us grow abroad, especially in the United States, but also in France and Germany,Giovanni Zucchi says.


Regarding investments, “an important work is underway to rethink the brand, that is, how to tell in a distinctive way our peculiarities and the territories we have explored and discovered thanks to our work. Oleificio Zucchi believes that the time has come for a common and shared definition of what sustainability is in the olive growing sector, from field to table,” says the CEO.

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