Barilla launches new plastic free packaging

Starting with the UK market, Italian pasta and bakery multinational eliminates the clear plastic window that has always been present on its packaging
Barilla launches new plastic free packaging

Barilla has decided to eliminate the famous plastic window that has always been present on its pasta packages, thus making the latter mono-material and for all intents and purposes plastic-free packaging.

The plastic window has always been a feature of the packaging of many pasta brands, including that of the Italian multinational because by showing the product they allow consumers an easier choice. However, following considerations concerning the sustainability issue, Barilla has chosen to eliminate it, starting with products sold in the UK market. In fact, it has introduced completely plastic-free packaging in recent weeks that, instead of the usual window, features a blue box bearing the words: “No more plastic windows – changing our world one pack at a time.”

Today, sustainability is more urgent than ever, and that’s why it’s an integral part of who we are,” says Alberto Costella, Marketing Manager, Barilla Group. “Expanding our new, fully recyclable packaging is just another step in that direction, and we don’t plan to stop now.”


The company is not new to ecological and sustainable initiatives, but year after year it is strengthening its commitment. Within the Good for you, Good for the planet program many activities show the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Here are some figures:

  • 0 animal testing
  • 99.7% packaging recyclability (100% plastic free)
  • -21% water consumption per ton of finished product saved compared to 2010
  • -30% greenhouse gas emissions per ton of finished product removed compared to 2010
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