Prices of canned tomatoes are bound to rise

In Northern Italy the industrial association of vegetable food preserves, Anicav, has recognized an unprecedented price increase to farmers (+18%) in view of the coming harvesting campaign
Prices of canned tomatoes are bound to rise

After a long and intense negotiation with farmers, an agreement has been reached for the management of the coming harvesting and processing campaign for industrial tomatoes in the Northern Italy area. The agreement provides for an unprecedented increase in the reference price: over +18%. It is the highest increase ever, in line with the price growth of the last four years which is +40%.

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Despite the hard times for our industry, we have recognized, despite the hardships, a significant increase in the average price compared to the last campaign, to meet the needs expressed by the agricultural side,” says Bruna Saviotti, coordinator of the Territorial Committee of the North Basin of Anicav, Italy’s industrial association of vegetable food preserves. “It is an unprecedented price increase, linked to the extraordinary times we are living, characterized by the war in Ukraine and the consequent increases in energy costs, inflation, without forgetting the severe drought in our production area.”

Stalled, however, is the negotiation in Central and South Italy’s regions where farmers’ requests are far higher than those recognized in the North. “As Anicav we are doing our part,” says Marco Serafini, President of Anicav. “The increase in the cost of raw materials will add to the general increase in production costs, especially primary and secondary packaging and energy, creating many difficulties for companies. We hope that all the other players in the supply chain will recognize the efforts that the processing industry is making.”

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