Arborio Riso Scotti is the first Italian risotto to land in China

After a long diplomatic and technical procedure, the first container was cleared through customs in Shanghai by distributor Guanyi

After a long diplomatic and technical negotiation, and following the protocol signed in April 2020, the Chinese authorities have given the green light to the import of Italian risotto varieties. “Riso Scotti is the first Italian rice producer to land in China” – announces Nicola Gorini, Export area manager at Riso Scotti.

A few days ago, the first of a long series of containers of Arborio Riso Scotti was cleared through customs in Shanghai by the distributor Guanyi and is waiting to be tasted by Chinese consumers. They will be able to start buying Italian rice online or in foodservice chains.

This is a long-awaited green light on a market of primary importance for Italian agri-food” – says Clara Zanacco, Riso Scotti’s export general manager. “It is a success for Riso Scotti, which is looking at new market shares, and for the entire Italian rice production chain, the leading European producer for which an important market is now opening up, with millions of Chinese ready to appreciate our risotto”.

China is a potential market of tens of millions of consumers, as well as a country that has made rice the symbol of its rural and gastronomic culture, and a pillar of its daily diet; in fact, it is the most important producer in the world.

Besides, Italy is the leading rice producer in the European Union with 228,000 hectares under cultivation and 4,000 companies that harvest one million tons of milled rice, ensuring more than 50% of total production. Italian rice differs from that grown in the rest of the world thanks to typical varieties that enhance the specificity of the territories of origin.


Riso Scotti distributes its products in more than 80 countries, many of which are non-European, relying on solid partnerships with talented local operators.

Our vocation as rice and risotto specialists projects us on all the main international markets” – says Clara Zanacco. “We have been looking carefully at the Chinese market, where we have finally started profitable exchanges and expect a real new frontier. We want to work for synergic commercial units, in the United States, as well as in India, and in China, with Guanyi, we have laid the foundations for a great work”.


Riso Scotti is the Italian rice specialist. This awareness has led to the development of a line of products that is specific for international markets, capable of enhancing the core element – rice – and declining it into a complete line for foreigners who love the Italian taste and want to replicate Italian recipes.

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