Italy’s food exports to reach €52 billion in 2021

Thanks to the vaccination campaign and the reopening of restaurants, there is a growing demand for Italian food all over the world
Italy’s food exports to reach €52 billion in 2021

The recent increase in Italy’s industrial production is largely due to the all-time high of Italian food exports: +13% for an estimated annual value of €52 billion in 2021, if the current trend is maintained. This is what emerges from the latest analysis of the Italian farmers association Coldiretti on Istat data about the growth of industrial production in September. Growth is also favored by the recovery in out-of-home food consumption.

The major importing countries of Italian food

CountryGrowth in the first 8 months of 2021
USA +11.4%
Germany +7.8%
France +7.4%
UK -1.3%
Russia +16.9%
China +48.4%
Source: Istat

As the vaccination campaign goes on and the catering activities reopen, the global demand for Italian food&beverage products is growing. Moreover, food production in July increased by +6.3%. The main clients of Italian food are the United States, which ranks second for an exports growth of +11.4% in the first eight months of 2021 (Source: Istat), and Germany which ranks first with an increase of +7.8%. France (+7.4%) is stable in third place, while in fourth place in the UK where, however, sales are stagnant (-1.3%) due to the difficulties linked to Brexit. As for other markets, Coldiretti reports growth in sales of +16.9% in Russia and +48.4% in China.

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Italy can restart from its strengths. Agribusiness and food have proven to be resistant to crises, and can play a driving role for the Italian economy,” says the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini.

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