Cibus 2021 is where innovation leads the way

There are 500 new products to discover in the first in-person trade show of the Italian food system. Innovation is increasingly driving the growth and export of the sector
Cibus 2021 is where innovation leads the way

There are many innovative products, as well as reinterpretations of basic products, that Italian food companies will unveil at Fiere di Parma during Cibus 2021, from August 31 to September 3. Some of these food products are brand new, while others have been launched on the market in 2020 but could not be presented following the postponements due to the pandemic. In addition to the wide range of PDOs and PGIs on display, food products committed to innovation appear to be following the three following trends:

  • healthy, with organic, vegetarian, and vegan products;
  • the historical tradition of Italian production and gastronomy;
  • flexitarian, therefore sensitive to the issues of healthy eating but without giving up meat, fish, and cheese.

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Here are some examples of the innovative food products that will be launched during Cibus 2021.

In the meat sector: the duck-meat hamburger (Lodi Export), and a ham similar to the Spanish Iberian (Dok Dall’Ava). Also on display are vegetable protein burgers from Rolli, CGM, and others.

In the cheese sector: zero-fat, lactose-free cheese, rich in fiber and protein, low in calories (Carpenedo); spreadable cheese with 15% Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (Parmareggio); oat yogurt (Valsoia).

In the preserves & sauces sector: bell pepper pesto with ricotta and Sicilian Pecorino PDO (Campo d’Oro); vegan pesto with vegetable cheese made from rice shoots (Costa Ligure).

Among the condiments: Black rice vinegar (Varvello), and vinegar derived from high-quality craft beer (Terra del Tuono).

As for desserts: The vegan protein dessert based on vegetable proteins (White and Seeds); a lollipop-flavored drink for children, the Chupa Chups (Candy Mania); the kit with everything you need to prepare Tiramisu (Biscottificio Verona).

Among bakery products: sugar-free, long-life bread for children (Arte Bianca), and shortbread biscuits made with legume flour (Barilla).

Among ready meals: fruit and vegetables cooked at low temperature (Cappellini), and Tortelli with nettles (Buona Compagnia Gourmet).

As for frozen foods: vegan cauliflower pizza base (Galati), and tuna and red onion pizza (Italpizza).

In the off-meal and snacks sector: corn kernels with truffles (Tartuflanghe); cornmeal rings (Amica Chips).

Plus: the drinking straw that you can eat, made of pasta, gluten-free (Rustichella d’Abruzzo); sweet and sour cream of pumpkin (Barbuscia); raspberry and elderberry flavored ice (Ice cube); Sicilian anchovies (Delicius Rizzoli); prickly pear pulp juice (La Deliziosa); compostable coffee pod with the new recyclable wrapper in the paper collection (Caffè Borbone); the superfood spaghetti with matcha and ginseng flavors, spirulina extract, dragon fruit, vegetable carbon, turmeric and ginger (Rustichella d’Abruzzo), the single-portion pasta to be stuffed (La fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano); L’Oliva, table olives from a selection of Italian cultivars Sant’Agostino, Peranzana, and Bella di Cerignola (Monini).


Cibus’ project aimed at integrating digital and physical tools continues with the creation of an official WeChat account, to promote Cibus as the most important matchmaking platform in the sector for Chinese professional stakeholders. Within the Italian Trade Agency Smart 365 project and thanks to the experience developed with My Business Cibus – the innovative platform that puts in contact international top buyers with Italian food companies – Cibus has developed this project adapting the format, design, and technology for Asian users.

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